UK B-Boy Championships North Africa Qualifier

Main photo credit: Algerian B-boy Lil Ski dancing at the UK B-Boy Championships North Africa Qualifier, Whatever Saloon, 22 March 2014  © DBO - Creative Industries

We organised the UK B-Boy Championships North Africa Qualifier for the first time ever on 22 March 2014, in partnership with Art Solution, an established NGO engaging with young people and communities in all hip-hop related art forms.

International Judges counted some of the most established breakdancers including Reckless Lee and Roxy from the UK.

The DJing was secured by Renegade from the UK, one of the most respected dance events DJs in the world.

Algerian B-Boy Amaro won his ticket to represent North Africa at the UK B-Boy Championships World Finals in Birmingham on 24-25 October 2014, which represent one of the five major breakdancing international competitions in the world.

This event was part of our New Connections arts programme, which aims to:

  • reinforce the inclusive dimension of Hip-hop culture within regions in Tunisia despite physical or social challenges.
  • transform youth energy and potential into creative work through capacity building and collaboration.
  • expose international audiences to Tunisian outstanding work using established platforms.
  • make Tunisia a hub for MENA in breakdancing and hip-hop related events.
  • establish hip-hop culture as a creative economy, particularly in regions in Tunisia which didn’t benefit from the economic development.

Watch this space for updates.