A British Council Young Learners Holiday Course is the perfect way to make sure your child gets more out of their break.

We’ve got a wide range of engaging activities for them to try – from exploring creative projects like thinking about environmental issues, finding their voice in public speaking, filmmaking, listening to stories and maybe writing some of their own, all helping them to build key skills with English at the core.

Our courses are delivered by our expert English teachers to help your child grow their confidence using English, find their voice and develop the global skills they’ll need for the future.

Open to children of all ages, our English holiday courses have English skills at the core and are designed to strengthen your child’s written and verbal English through engaging games, challenges and projects.

So whether they’re trying out photography, crafting an animation masterpiece, expanding their understanding of the environment or exploring a virtual world, they’ll be acquiring key analytical, problem-solving and communication skills they will rely on throughout their lives.

English holiday courses help your child:

  • explore fun age-based activities and projects
  • express themselves creatively and try new things
  • solve problems individually and in teams
  • develop vocabulary, confidence in speaking and critical thinking
  • grow writing skills, world knowledge and intellectual curiosity

All the reassurance of the British Council

All learning experiences with the world’s English experts come with an extra level of reassurance, from the quality of our internationally qualified teachers to the support and attention provided inside our safe, secure teaching environments.

Duration and fees


1 week

5 days / week 

3 hours / day

Fees 410 TND
Dates 2 July to 16 August

Discount on packages

Duration Price Number of hours
1 week 410 TND 15
2 weeks 760 TND 30
3 weeks 1050 TND 45
4 weeks 1280 TND 60
5 weeks 1500 TND 75