Skills for Employability

About the programme

Learning skills, aiming high

In a tough jobs market young people need to prove they have the professional skills to succeed. However, we know the gap between education and the workplace is a wide one. 

Our Skills for Employability projects and partnerships are designed to improve young people in Tunisia's employability skills and develop the entrepreneurial talents to help bridge that gap. 

Encouraging enterprise

Our projects and events include:

Enterprise challenge award

A competition held in partnership with the Tunisian Agency for Vocational Education and Training (ATFP) under the Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment to encourage young people to engage their entrepreneurial minds.

More than 30 percent of the vocational educational centres benefited from our entrepreneurship trainings and developed their soft skills and entrepreneurship skills. 

Small business development initiative

In collaboration with the African Development Bank and 19 International and national partners, a pilot programme "Souk At-Tanmia" was designed.

The overall aim of the initiative was to support the Tunisian regional employment challenges by identifying and supporting entrepreneurship projects that would in turn generate employment and financial returns.

The projects aims at providing an immediate, tangible and effective response to employment challenges in Tunisia.

More than 60 companies were set up and more than 400 jobs were created in 2013.

Changing perceptions of skills

In January 2012 we held a conference on the theme of ‘Changing Perceptions of Skills’.

The emphasis of the conference was to share experiences, explore innovative ideas and lessons learned in order to identify constructive approaches for tackling the low status of skills.

The conference involved international policy makers, employers, teachers, students and trainees to discuss the importance of enhancing the skills of young people. 

You can find out more by reading the Changing Perception of Skills Tunisia conference report below.

Building effective employer engagement

The British Council working in partnership with l’Agence Tunisienne de la Formation Professionnelle (ATFP), l’Union Tunisienne de l’Industrie du Commerce et de l’Artisanat (UTICA) and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, delivered a conference on ‘Building Effective Employer Engagement in Vocational Education’.

The conference, which was held at UTICA in Tunis from 22-23 February 2012, aimed to showcase the expertise of the UK and other countries in the region, in order to inform thinking about the next steps that Tunisia could take to ensure that training better meets the changing needs of business. 

You can find out more by reading the BEEE Tunisia conference report below

Bringing the learning home

An annual seminar, focused on the achievements of skills-development partnerships between institutions in the UK and the Arab world. 

Our partnerships

The British Council will work with strategic partners in Tunisia to establish new International Skills Partnerships between organisations in Tunisia and the UK (universities, vocational training organisations, employers, NGOs, skills agencies, awarding organisations, amongst others) to focus on the development of soft skills for young people.

The partnerships, which will run from June 2014 to June 2015, might each have a difference focus each, dependent on the specific combination of stakeholders involved and the nature of their collective needs and priorities.

However, all partnerships will have a pivotal focus on skills for employability and include, as appropriate: benchmarking to international standards; capacity building for teachers and trainers; development of curriculum and supporting materials; assessment and quality assurance; accreditation/certification; and evaluation of impact. It is expected that the development of English language skills will also be a strong element for some of the partnerships. 

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