Teaching for Success Tunisia - project official launch
Teaching for Success Tunisia

What’s teaching for success Tunisia?

Teaching for success Tunisia is a national project aiming at improving student learning outcomes and enhancing the future employability of young Tunisians.

In partnership with the Ministry of Education and the British Embassy, the project supports the reform agenda of the Tunisian Ministry of Education.

We work closely with senior Ministry officials, teacher educators and teachers to strengthen the teaching of English and promote the development of core skills for students in primary and secondary schools.

What’s the aim of teaching for success Tunisia?

The focus of the project is on equipping teachers with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to teach English more effectively, and to adopt child-centred, activity-based classroom approaches that will help their students learn English and develop the core skills they will need throughout life. These interventions in English language and core skills directly address the skills gap that employers report in candidates applying for jobs.


The main emphasis of the project will be on delivering training and CPD (continuing professional development) opportunities to teachers and teacher educators; both in face-to-face and online formats.

Other activities include working with teacher educators and others to develop new high quality resources in English for teachers and learners, and enhancing the sharing of best practice internationally.