Communicate in English with confidence!

It’s time to learn English with the world’s experts and make real progress! Our experienced teachers will help you to unlock your potential and speak with confidence.

With our interactive classes you can:

  • master English for workplace, social and academic settings
  • •prepare for exams or develop business skills in English.

And with over 80 years of experience in teaching English across the world, you can trust us to help you make measurable progress – whatever your level.

Practice, learn and network with experts and peers in our vibrant learning spaces, either in our teaching centres or online.

Explore our wide choice of in-person and online course options.

In-person courses:

MyClass: A flexible English language course that can be tailored to your individual learning needs, guided by our expert teachers.

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Spoken English: A specialist course to improve your English speaking skills.

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IELTS Coach: A flexible preparation course that teaches the strategies and skills needed to achieve a better IELTS score. As co-owner of the IELTS test, we’re experts at helping students get prepared.

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Online courses:

English Online: 100% teacher-led: Improve your English skills with expert teachers. Choose your own timetable and themes. Join group or 1:1 classes, and earn British Council badges and certificates. Monthly payment.

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IELTS Coach: Prepare with the co-creator of the IELTS test. A fully personalised preparation course with online 1:1 and group classes. Available 24/7. Get the score you need!

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English Online Self-Study: Learn English at your own pace. On-the-go affordable learning with fun and interactive bite-sized exercises. Monthly payment.

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Englishscore Tutors: 1:1 sessions completely tailored to your needs. Choose a topic or skill that you want to improve.

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