By British Council

05 Mar 2018 - 18:09

At the British Council we make sure that children are safe from the moment they arrive for their English lesson to the moment they leave our care two hours later.  However, our responsibility does not stop there.  We want to be certain that when we say goodbye, children go home safely with someone you trust.  For this reason, we have provided red and green safe collection badges to all our young learners as part of our new safe collection procedure.

Our global child protection policy states that no child under the age of twelve can leave the teaching centre unaccompanied. To make sure that this happens, all children under this age have been provided with red ID badges.  A red badge means that if there is no adult to collect you, you stay.  On the back of the badge, parents record the names and contact numbers of the three trusted adults who are authorized to collect their children.  If there is a doubt, the ushers will keep the child in the teaching centre until they have checked the identity of the person collecting the student.  

For our older students, we have provided green badges which show us that they can leave on their own, as long as their parents have agreed.  These badges also have the contact details of three trusted adults in case we need to call them urgently.  

At the British Council, we constantly look for ways to work with parents to improve child safety and well-being and we thank you for your cooperation with this initiative.