Tuesday 08 November 2022 - 10:00 to Sunday 18 December 2022 - 23:59

The project "Participation and inclusion of Tunisian youth through creation, access to culture and sport at the local level" or MaghroumIN is the component 2 of the EU4Youth program of the European Union in Tunisia under an agreement with the Tunisian government. 

Within EU4Youth, the MaghroumIN component aims to strengthen the inclusion and participation of Tunisian youth in vulnerable situations in public life through creativity, culture and sport, while taking into consideration the different forms of exclusion.

The Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) and the British Council (BC) are the two members of the European Union Network of National Cultural Institutes (EUNIC) that are implementing MaghroumIN under indirect management, with the International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies (FIIAPP) as the third co-delegated partner. 

The MaghroumIN project started in January 2022 and will last approximately 5 years. It has a budget of 15.46 million euros.

The Local Youth Sports and Cultural Engagement Fund 

In line with the EU's policy of supporting the development of civil society and the cultural and sports sectors in Tunisia, the project devotes a significant part of its budget to grants for actors and actions on the ground.  MaghroumIN's grant funds aim to respond to the needs of state and non-state actors (civil society and private sector) working for the inclusion and participation of Tunisian youth in vulnerable situations in public life through creation, culture and sport. 

These funds are complemented by support/technical assistance/coaching activities to support (before, during and after the projects) the selected actors and maximize their impact on youth.

The Local Youth Sports and Cultural Engagement Fund is one of MaghroumIN’s grant funds. Grants from this fund will be allocated on the basis of a call for proposals only. This fund is intended primarily for non-state actors (cultural and sports associations and enterprises). State institutions with management autonomy are also concerned.

The proposed projects must necessarily design and implement activities that ensure the inclusion and participation of Tunisian youth, especially the most vulnerable, through culture or sport. One of the pre-requisites for the grant is that these young people play a proactive role in the design, implementation and evaluation of the project, with a gender-sensitive approach.

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