Thursday 20 November 2014 -
18:30 to 23:59
Dar Saida, Montfleury, Tunis

Charles Tripp, Fellow of the British Academy and Professor of Politics with reference to the Middle East at The School of Oriental and African Studies (S.O.A.S.), UK will be speaking at a conference at Dar Saida-Montfleury on 20 November on Conflicts and Resistance: the Role of Citizen Artists in Public Space in The Maghreb.

The conference is organised by the Centre for Arts Training in Public Space in Europe (FAI-AR) and L’Art Rue, a Tunisian organisation leading on contemporary arts initiativesand supported by the British Council. It is part of a two-week workshop programme involving 16 European and 19 Tunisian young emerging artists.

Questions tackled and debated during the workshop and the conference will be about the engagement of artists in the city in periods of social conflicts; the leverage role that artists are supposed to play and the impact they are expected to make in such context; the influence that arts have on democracy; the way that arts deal with censorship and poor freedom of expression; perception of non-political artists in politically challenging arenas etc.

Charles Tripp, among other international keynote speakers, will try to decode the mechanics and evolution of arts in a region which is making steps along its own path to democratic transition.


For registration to the conference and more information:

T : 29 212 003