The Hammamet Conference series is a UK- North Africa membership series that convenes emerging and established leaders from the worlds of politics, civil society, business, the arts, education, academia and the media. Our members fall into two groups:

Hammamet Fellows

The heart of the Hammamet Conversation are the Hammamet Fellows.  Hammamet Fellows are emerging or established leaders from a variety of sectors within societies in the UK and North Africa. They are recognised among their peers and the public for their work and contribution. 

Hammamet Fellows engage in the Hammamet Conversation throughout the year, participating and influencing its activities, inputs and outcomes. Through these contributions our Fellows connect, create and enable lasting relationships and stimulate the exchange of new ideas.

Hammamet Strategic Partners 

Hammamet Strategic Partners is a select group of organisations that contribute the Hammamet Conference Series operations. Through this contribution they are also benefiting from attendance and participation in the Hammamet Conversation. Hammamet Strategic Partners are recognised for making a significant contribution to UK- North Africa relations.