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English for Employability is a national project run by l’Agence Tunisienne de la Formation Professionnelle (ATFP) and the British Council as part of the reform of the national vocational training system. It aims to improve the English language levels and employment prospects of interns in the vocational training sector.

The first 2011-2012 phase of the project, funded by the Arab Partnership Initiative of the UK government via the British Embassy Tunis, enabled the training of 15 ATFP trainers to become master trainers. They then created and led an innovative Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme that enabled the training and certification of several English language trainers around the country.

In its second phase, English for employability is using a cascade model. At the top of it are British Council teacher trainer consultants who are delivered training to all teachers of English working with ATFP and continue to support the master trainers to ensure on-going professional development. All vocational trainers across disciplines are receiving blended English language courses, delivered by the master trainers, and recognized English language proficiency certification (Aptis). All graduating interns are also taking the Aptis exam which will improve their employability and career advancement prospects.

The current project spans over 4 years between 2017- 2021 and consists of four main activities:

  • Teacher training and certification of all English language teachers working in ATFP centers across the country.
  • Supporting the development of an internal CPD system for English language teachers.
  • English language training and certification of all 4200 teachers across disciplines.
  • Setting up of English language certification centres in ATFP centers across the country.
  • English language certification for all graduating interns (BTS/BTP).

Provisional Activity timeline

Dates Activity
September 2016 - December 2017  Training of all English language trainers
October 2016- December 2020 Training and certification of all trainers across disciplines
April 2017 – December 2017 Accreditation of Aptis centres
June 2017- December 2020 Aptis certification for trainees (BTS/BTP)

Below are resources on English and soft skills and their link to employability:

  • English & Soft Skills in the Maghreb research report in English and French.
  • A research report on the relationship between English and employability in the Middle East and North Africa. 

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