The conference was launched in 2012, by the British Council, in response to the monumental change in North Africa, with the fall of old established systems and the emergence of new leadership.

The first conference aimed to look beyond the immediate challenges of reconstruction and economic development in North Africa. It sought to create the platform on which to share challenges and solutions, as well as dialogue to develop further understanding and trust between North Africa and the UK.

Hammamet 2017 - Building Peaceful and Inclusive Societies

  • How leaders can build genuine inclusion for all
  • What kind of leadership is needed to bring lasting change
  • Develop and sustain a peaceful and inclusive future

Hammamet 2016 - The Leadership Challenge: Visions of a better future

  • Political and economic reform through engagement
  • Meeting citizens’ needs to overcome inequality
  • Arts and culture as a driver of change

Hammamet 2015 - The Leadership Challenge: Cultivating inclusion and countering exclusion

  • The price of exclusion
  • Culture, power and voice
  • Reconnecting states and societies

Hammamet 2014 - The Leadership Challenge: Bridging the gap: leadership at all levels of society

  • Compromise, Consensus and Dialogue for Inclusive Leadership
  • What Kind of Leaders do We Want?
  • Realising the Potential of the People 

Hammamet 2013 - The Leadership Challenge: Responding to rapid change in the 21st Century

  • Trust and accountability between citizens and leaders
  • Difference, diversity and dialogue
  • Active citizenship
  • Reform of the education system, skills and entrepreneurship
  • Arts, culture and innovation

Hammamet 2012 - The Leadership Challenge: Responding to rapid change in the 21st Century

  • A ‘big’ society: The emergence of the super-citizen?
  • Will citizen journalists become the future guardians of the public interest?
  • Great Expectations: Does too much hope consign politics to fail?
  • The foundations of economic growth and stability: What role for the rule of law?