Always here for you

If for some reason, regular classes are temporarily suspended, our bespoke online classroom solution will allow our Primary and Secondary students to continue learning English from the comfort of their homes.

When online classrooms will start, we will send you your child's access codes by email and we will also regularly send you some useful online resources.

Rewarding experience 

Online lessons are designed to be a fun and productive way for children to keep in touch with English. They include live lessons with the teacher and self-study activities to be completed online before and after each live lesson. We are drawing on the expertise of our wide network of teaching centres across the world to offer an online classroom experience that has already proven to be effective.

Access to our online platform

Additionally to the above video, you can have a look below at our Student and Parent Guide to Online Classrooms for more information on how to join a virtual class. We also encourage you to download and read the house rules that all students will be asked to follow in online classrooms.

Safe and secure environment 

We are committed to ensuring that all children can study in a safe and supportive environment and our platform incorporates a number of features designed to keep children safe while they are online.

We are here to help you 

We hope that our students will enjoy the opportunity to continue meeting their classmates and their English teacher from the convenience and safety of their homes.